Vedette de la Fête

brings new flavour to all your parties! Our Vedettes are young waiters (m/f) with flair who’ll present your guests with stylish bites while your guests enjoy their party. With this creative service, you’ll be sure to add fun and exclusivity to your party.

“We take excellent customer service and a unique food presentation to the next level.”

Our professional and service orientated young host(esse)s are eager to look after your guests. They offer a bespoke assortment of delicacies previously selected by you. Quality oysters from the north of Spain or freshly made macarons in a variety of colours and flavours, but also mini cocktail shots, sushi or even delicious Caviar variations.


Meet Our Vedettes

We stand out because of the original way we’ll serve your guests while carrying around and serving quality treats. Thanks to our special conserving boxes stored at your venue, freshness is always guaranteed and no Vedette will ever run out of treats!

Oyster Vedette - from € 2,50

Where our story began; our very first Vedette!

We offer 2 different oysters; the Ostra Rizada and the Fine Claire oyster.

The Ostra Rizada (€ 2,50 p/e) is from the North of Spain, Galicia. This tasteful oyster will be served with a surprising topping of lemon and soya.
The Fine Claire oyster (€ 5,25 p/e) is also from Galicia. This is a prized Oyster and will give you higher quality of taste.

You will get a choice of several dressings:

Wakemé, Mayonnaise, Soy, Citrus and Sake vinaigrette

Imagine the scene…

Good music, nice vibes and interesting people… All this party still needs is a Vedette offering a selection of sushi! Several types, colours and flavours and all are freshly made. Our Sushi Vedette will serve the sushi with a wasabi topping, a soya and sesame seed dip.

Sushi Vedette - from € 2,50

Macaron Vedette - from € 1,50

Indulge in luxurious Macarons!

Our macarons are presented in a variety of colours and surprising flavours. They will have your guests asking for more! Therefore, they are smaller in size so your guests can try them all! You can even select your own flavours and colours to match the colour scheme of your event!

A touch of Dutch Tradition

These delicious caramel-syrup cookies from Holland can’t be missed! The cookies are based on an old Dutch recipe. Perfect as a late-night snack when the party is coming to a close.

Organising a baby-shower or baptism? These Stroopwafel Vedettes are your ideal pick!

Stroopwafel Vedette - from € 1,-

Brûlée Vedette - from € 2,25

Sweeten up the party!

Spoil your guests with this small dessert, burnt live on stage! Our Brûlée Vedette will flaunt these cuties of just 4,5 cm. They are the most spectacular finishing touch to your event!

Complete your event with Cocktails!

No event is complete without cocktails! With or without alcohol, our mini mojitos are tasty and full of flavour.

One of our Mojito Vedettes will prepare these mojitos live on the dance floor so everyone can get a taste.

Mojito Vedette - from € 3,50

Jamón Vedette - Price on request

Add a Spanish Touch!

Andalusia’s finest! It is a Spanish tradition, at any event, jamón will be served.

The Jamón Vedette will slice and serve quality jamón to offer your guests an intense taste experience.

Sheer Luxury!!

The ‘crème de la crème’ of our Vedettes. Add a touch of sheer luxury to your event:

El Classico: This is Ecological caviar. Her elegant texture and bite characterize this caviar. Presented on a mother of pearl spoon, your guests will enjoy this caviar the classic way; directly from their own hand. Accompanied by a shot of vodka, this is ultimate luxury!

€ 11,50 per serving (minimum of 15 servings)

Add a Vodka Vedette to complete the experience: € 4,- per serving* and the charge for the additional Vedette

The Russian connection: This Russian caviar is somewhat softer in texture, but has a stronger taste and is served on a blini with crème fraîche, the way the Russians taught us.

€ 11,-  per serving (minimum of 15 servings)

Add a Cava Vedette to complete the experience: €4,-  per serving* and the charge for the additional Vedette

Caviar in dices: this extraordinary and rather unknown type of dried caviar has to melt in your mouth. A guaranteed taste-explosion! We strongly recommend to enjoy this caviar with a shot of ice cold vodka.

€ 6,-  per serving (minimum of 15 servings)

Add a Vodka Vedette to complete the experience: €4,-  per serving* and the charge for the additional Vedette

* Ask about our different labels of Vodka, Champagne and Cava to compliment your caviar order.

Caviar Vedette - from 6€ per serving

Gazpacho Vedette - Price on request

Welcome to Andalucia!

‘Gazpacho Andaluz’ is a blend of tomatoes, onion, cucumber, bread, green peppers, olive oil and a little garlic.

We serve them in a shot glass as a nice refreshing dish between your selection of tapas.

Our Gazpacho Vedette serves the shots and will add a finishing touch in front of your guests.

Package prices

€ 80,- Including 1 Vedette (1,5 hour per Vedette) of your choice, all equipment and set up.

Excluding food choice, transport and VAT.

Customise Your Package

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