The blonde goes abroad!

When I booked my ticket to Spain last year on my birthday, I wasn’t nervous at all. In fact, I felt kind of relieved and free. A big adventure was waiting for me! I was diving in the unknown, but knowing I could resurface again any time gave me the courage to take the leap.

On the day of departure, January the 9th, I was calm and positively excited, which is weird for me as I am usually a bag of nerves even for a 2-day holiday!

I was going to do it! I was going to travel through Spain, discover the beautiful sights of this spectacular land, and I was going to work in the sun!

Now… 10 months later, I know I took the right decision. After 4 months of traveling through Andalucía I had visited Granada, Valencia, Málaga, Cordoba, Sevilla and many of the surrounding small towns and villages. I had also traveled to Barcelona and Madrid, but Andalucía was where I lost my heart, and in April of 2017 I decided this is where I wanted to continue my adventure.

I was overwhelmed by the sights, smells and people who delighted me with their unfamiliar warmth. I won’t ever forget the beauty of this part of the world where time seems to have stopped. The humble and friendly people in this region made Andalucía feel like home.

After doing a bit of research I then stumbled upon a Castle in the picturesque town of Monda. The friendly village with its cobbled streets, very (very!) old people that just sit in their leather fauteuils in front of their neighbors doors all day. But the Castle, perched on the highest point of the village is what sold the village to me. It is a perfect fairytale with an astonishing view.

I immediately applied for a job in their restaurant, was accepted and life was good. Then summer started and the temperature reached an all time high of over 40 degrees…. Shoot! I promised my mum I would not complain about the weather, but it is just …. really really sunny here!

So the location is perfect, but the job, which I studied so hard for in my teenage years wasn’t satisfying my enthusiasm. I wanted more….

And this is where the story began… the launch of Vedette de la Fête.

You see, during my internship for my study I organized 73(!) weddings on the beaches of Aruba and it was there that I discovered the passion I had for the organization of events and parties. I loved being part of the most important day in the life of my clients and being responsible for the organization, details and deadlines gave me such a rush and satisfaction, I was exhausted, but I loved it!

So when I was given the chance to become an “Executive Vedette” of my own company, I was over the moon! I can now follow my passion 200% and make this company in what I always dreamed of; fresh, new age and with a plethora of food variations and party ideas to offer my guests!

Our bites collection is based on the innovative kitchen of Castillo de Monda and designed by the castle’s head chef Jaap Schaafsma who I work with very closely to ensure my guests get exactly what they wished for and more.

Do you have an event to organize in the Andalucia region? Why don’t you give me a call and we’ll organize your event, the food and the service, all with a smile and 100% dedication!


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